Records Coordinators


Per Section C of the University Records Management policy (update is in process), all departments and units are required to have one or more records coordinators who complete the required trainings and act as the point person for their department/unit regarding records management policies and procedures. Records coordinator duties include maintaining regular contact with University Records Management staff about records retention and disposition, entering physical records information into Infolinx, printing box labels from Infolinx, and preparing physical records for destruction or storage, when this service is restored.

With the increase in electronic records deletion requests, records coordinator must also enter electronic records information into Infolinx using the same strategy as boxes, but specifying electronic records and the file size in the Box Content field. All other required data entry remains the same as for physical boxes.

For example, if an academic department wishes to delete graduate student applications for matriculated students that have met their 2-year retention period, they would enter the following in the Box Content field:

Matriculated Graduate Student Applications - Electronic records, 10 MB


All departments and units are required to have one or more records coordinators. If your department does not have a records coordinator, follow the steps below:

  1. Nominate a records coordinator internally and have them complete the Records Coordinator and Infolinx trainings available on MasonLEAPS. 
  2. Upon completion of both trainings, have the records coordinator reach out to URM via email to be added to Infolinx. Records coordinators cannot access Infolinx without taking the trainings and reaching out to URM first.
  3. URM will respond once the new records coordinator is added to Infolinx and ask that they login with their Mason credentials.
  4. Once the records coordinator has logged in, let URM know so they can be added to their department(s) in Infolinx. 
  5. New records coordinators can begin entering box or electronic record information after they are added to their respective department(s).

IMPORTANT NOTICE: We are seeing an increase in departments nominating Graduate and Student Assistants as records coordinators. Please be advised the downside to this arrangement is that your department must nominate new records coordinators and restart the trainings and Infolinx access process each time a student leaves or graduates. Using Graduate and Student Assistants as records coordinators should be considered a last resort for greater consistency and efficiency within the University Records Management program.