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Records Management

Transferring Records to the University Records Center for Storage or Shredding


Identify temporary non-active records eligible for records management.

  • Active and vital records should remain with you.
  • To learn more about which records are eligible, contact the Records Manager, or refer to the Commonwealth of Virginia's General Schedules for state records management guidelines.

Contact Records Management to obtain free records center boxes

  • For safety reasons, records center boxes (pictured, left) are the only type of boxes in which records can be stored in the George Mason University Records Center.
  • Please do not use any other type of boxes such as boxes without lids, smaller boxes, or larger boxes, including moving boxes. Non-standard boxes will be returned to you to re-pack.

Fill the boxes:

  • Place records (legal or letter-sized) in the record center boxes.
  • Remove records from your filing cabinet or filing system by category. You may place more than one category of records in a box.
  • Please weed out duplicate papers unless there is a compelling reason to keep copies.
  • Do not include nonrecord materials such as magazines, reference books (including software manuals), newspapers, blank forms, excess stock of publications, or other non-GMU items.

Label the boxes

  • Prepare a label for each box. Include date ranges on the labels. Make sure the box label is complete so your request can be processed promptly.
  • Make a total of three sets of the box labels:
  1. One set to attach on the boxes
  2. A second set to forward to Records Management, and
  3. A third set to retain for your records.

After creating the three copies of the label for each box:

  • Affix one of the box labels to one of the short sides of the boxes (12.5 x 10 inches side) so that the labels will be clearly visible when the boxes are stacked in the University Records Center. Labels should be taped or stapled to the box.
  • When you are ready for a box pick up, forward a copy of the box labels to Records Management. Make sure to include your contact information and where the boxes are located (building and room number). The labels can be emailed to, faxed to 3-8911, or sent through campus mail to MS2FL. Records Management will review the box labels and contact you with any questions.

After all information is received, Records Management will make arrangements to have the records boxes transported to the University Records Center. If you requested a large volume transfer, facilities staff will pick up the boxes. Please allow 5 business days for pick up from the time all information is received.

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