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Disposal of Records


Records Management takes steps to ensure all university records are disposed in a timely and appropriate manner. Records Management follows the Commonwealth of Virginia requirements for disposal of most university records. Some university records, such as federally funded grant records, may have unique retention requirements. Please contact the University Records Manager if you have records with unique retention requirements.

After all retention times have passed, Records Management generates the necessary paperwork, a Certificate of Records Destruction, and sends it to the authorized department representative for signature. Both the University Records Manager and the department representative must sign the Certificate of Records Destruction before any further action can follow.

Please note:

  • Records stored at the University Records Center will not be disposed before permission is granted through the Certificate of Records Destruction.
  • Records eligible for immediate disposal at the time of transfer to Records Management require a signed Certificate of Records Destruction before any boxes will be picked up.
  • Electronic records require a Certificate of Records Destruction before they are deleted or electronically wiped. Please contact the University Records Manager before you delete electronic records.

Any records under audit, lawsuit, etc., at the time of the scheduled disposal date cannot be destroyed until a specified amount of time after the resolution of all such pending or ongoing action. Contact the University Records Manager if you have questions about records disposal procedures.

Due to the confidential nature of George Mason University records, Records Management disposes records through shredding. In addition to paper records, floppy discs, flash drives, CDs, and DVDs, can be destroyed by our shredding services. All shredding is completed at the University Records Center by a bonded records disposition company.

There is no need to remove staples, paperclips, folder, binders, etc. when sending records to Records Management for disposal. After the disposal process is complete, the completed Certificate of Records Destruction is sent to the Library of Virginia, as required by the Commonwealth of Virginia, and a copy is retained in the University Records Manager's office.

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